Adventure Clubs Go Geocaching!

“What is geocaching?” was the overwhelming response from our Adventure Club participants after we announced the first trip of the year. After hearing that geocaching is a modern-day, outdoor treasure hunt, they were more than excited to try it out!

Geocaching utilizes GPS enabled devices to track hidden “treasures.” With 2 million geocaches worldwide, there are plenty of places to search and explore with this game as your guide. Geocaches come in all shapes and sizes – some include puzzles for you to solve and others feature facts about the geographical location you visit. Finding a geocache can be challenging, but when you do you, simply sign the logbook at the cache and continue your search for more!

Our Adventure Club students visited Balboa Park and Mission Trails Regional Park, two sites in San Diego with plenty of geocaches to discover. They spent the afternoon exploring the parks, locating geocaches, and enjoying the outdoors. While some participants found more geocaches than others, these outings were more about spending time with friends and enjoying the outdoors!

Outdoor Outreach’s after-school enrichment programs provide youth with the chance to connect to local parks in their own communities. For many of our students, Outdoor Outreach outings are the only resource to show them how to safely access San Diego’s incredible outdoor parks. We love starting off the year with a geocaching trip, because it’s a fun, easy way to expose youth to the outdoors.

Jocelyne, a Crawford Adventure Club participant, shared: “I have always enjoyed being outdoors, but the Adventure Club has really opened my eyes to new places to explore in San Diego.”

Click here to see photos from our geocaching adventures!

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