4 Things To Do After Thanksgiving

1) Choose Fresh Air instead of ShoppingInstead of shopping, spend the day outside; join the nearly 400,000 participants who refuse to stand in line on Black Friday and are participating in REI’s #OptOutside campaign.   Make sure to check out Outdoor Outreach’s staff’s top 5 hikes in San Diego County, as well REI’s #OptOutside page, which includes customized suggestions in your area.And if you live in […]
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Introducing SUP to the underserved youth of San Diego

Stand-Up Paddling on a hot summer day… Enjoying stunning San Diego views from the water, playing with peers, and connecting to the uplifting beauty of the Outdoors. Those smiles belong to Outdoor Outreach’s summer program participants, who got to enjoy, sometimes for the very first time, the refreshing and invigorating Pacific Ocean.If you live in […]
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The Faces of Outdoor Outreach: Juan Alvarez

Juan is Outdoor Outreach’s Field Program & Logistics Coordinator. He’s been with Outdoor Outreach for 15 years and takes pride in being “one of the originals”. “Back when the organization was ran from [OO founder] Chris Rutgers’ apartment, back when we only had one small car to organize our outings, and used our personal climbing […]
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