Our staff’s top 5 hikes in San Diego County

This week, we’ve asked the best outdoor specialists —our very own Outdoor Outreach staff! to tell us about their favorite hikes in San Diego County. These guys spend most of their time outdoors, introducing teens from park-poor communities to the transformative power of their parks. As San Diego temperatures start to cool down, why not take the opportunity […]
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Outdoor Outreach Alumni: From participant to instructor, to a Master’s in Urban Education

Cody Marshall is a 4th grade teacher in Oakland, CA. He holds a Master’s degree in Urban Education from Loyola Marymount University, has served in Teach for America and was the recipient of the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship, which supported him through his studies. He turned 26 a few weeks ago, and is about to get married […]
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Connecting the Divide: Michael Hervey’s 3,100 mile journey on the Continental Divide Trail

How far would you go to raise money for a cause you care about? Would you hike over 3,000 miles? Michael Hervey is! Michael is a 25 year-old long distance hiker and ultrarunner that will be taking on the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in the Spring of 2017, raising money for Outdoor Outreach. Extending 3,100 miles from […]
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Introducing SUP to the underserved youth of San Diego

Stand-Up Paddling on a hot summer day… Enjoying stunning San Diego views from the water, playing with peers, and connecting to the uplifting beauty of the Outdoors. Those smiles belong to Outdoor Outreach’s summer program participants, who got to enjoy, sometimes for the very first time, the refreshing and invigorating Pacific Ocean.If you live in […]
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Why do we rock climb?

Why do we rock climb? For many outdoor enthusiasts, ascending rocks is about overcoming fears; it’s about being humble and persistent, about finding joy and freedom in the quietness and beauty of raw nature. As we climb our way up a mountain, feeling the abyss below, we make a conscious effort to maintain an unwavering […]
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The Faces of Outdoor Outreach: Juan Alvarez

Juan is Outdoor Outreach’s Field Program & Logistics Coordinator. He’s been with Outdoor Outreach for 15 years and takes pride in being “one of the originals”. “Back when the organization was ran from [OO founder] Chris Rutgers’ apartment, back when we only had one small car to organize our outings, and used our personal climbing […]
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Parks4Kids: Reducing inequality in access to green areas

Did you know that over 45% of San Diego County is made up of green spaces? Despite San Diego’s impressive wealth of parks, many San Diegan communities don’t get to experience and enjoy the benefits of our beautiful outdoors, and suffer from inequality in access to green areas.Park-poor areas are also the areas with the […]
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The Bendable Road : Update on Cycling Across the Country

Joe and Jordan are celebrating their one month on the road! The two college seniors took on the challenge of cycling across the country during the summer. They started an ambitious fundraising campaign called The Bendable Road in March, sharing their goal to raise awareness about access to public lands for urban youth, while supporting […]
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