Making Memories Outdoors

What is your favorite memory from your childhood? For many of us, those treasured memories took place outside. Whether it was a hike through a towering forest, or day at the beach with family and friends, the outdoors provides the backdrop for many of our favorite adventures.

Outdoor Outreach asked our El Cajon Valley High School Adventure Club to share some of their favorite experiences. Here is what they had to say:

“My favorite memory with Outdoor Outreach was spending the weekend in Joshua Tree. We were like a family. It was an amazing trip. It was so much fun going somewhere you haven’t gone before with a group of students your age. I love every trip and every memory I made in Adventure Club.” – Fadi Albanaa

“If I had to pick my favorite memory, it would have to be when I had my first s’more in Joshua Tree. We were all around the campfire, listening to music. It was magical, everything in the moment seemed perfect.” – Angelina Jajo

“My favorite memory was going on my first hike with Outdoor Outreach. I was with all of my friends – we had so much fun together and the view was amazing.” – Diana Mudeer

We are excited to continue making great memories on our El Cajon Valley High School Adventure Club trips!

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