20 Years. 20 Stories. | No. 2 with Eh Ler Tha

We’re continuing our 20 Years, 20 Stories series with a story from Eh Ler, our staff instructor and photographer extraordinaire.

Eh Ler joined Outdoor Outreach in his sophomore year of high school. One of the greatest challenges he faced in the beginning was his lack of confidence in expressing himself. That didn’t last long once he started interacting with other participants and participating in more OO activities. For Eh Ler, Outdoor Outreach “is a safe place to grow, where the opportunities are limitless.”

We asked him what he felt was his greatest accomplishment. Here’s what he had to say: “My greatest accomplishment since joining Outdoor Outreach has been my journey from being a participant to becoming an instructor and a mentor to participants. There is an opportunity for us instructors to make a positive impact on somebody’s life [through Outdoor Outreach]. It is something I will continue to work on as an instructor: to help [youth] who are going through a hard time and are looking for mentorship and support.”

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