About Us

Our mission

To connect youth to the transformative power of the outdoors…

…to realize the positive attitude and behavioral changes that help them become happy, healthy, and successful adults.

Our vision

Youth everywhere will be inspired by the outdoors to play, learn, serve and share.

Our values

We believe in building on the inherent strengths that youth already possess.
We ensure that participation is always by choice and presented in a fun, safe and respectful environment.
We honor ourselves, other people and the environment in our words and our actions.
We believe in caring for youth without agenda.
We believe in seeing the potential in people and situations, and in the power of new outdoor experiences.
We set the highest standards for quality and safety in everything we do.
We believe in sharing what we love!

Our participants

"I believe in what Outdoor Outreach stands for and want to give back as much as I can to the young members of my community. I love working with the high school students and being a part of their life, as I see a little of myself in them and can relate to where they come from."
Hoover Adventure Club,
Outdoor Outreach Board of Directors
"I feel blessed to be in the position that I’m in today. A high school graduate, employed at a job I love, about to start college and pursue a career I’m passionate about. I’m a role model now – someone that others aspire to be like. There’s no other feeling like it. I have Outdoor Outreach to thank for all of this."
Monarch School Program, Leadership Program Graduate,
Outdoor Voices Program Coordinator
"Outdoor Outreach has opened my eyes to so many things I didn’t know existed. I feel more developed as a person and much more confident. Outdoor Outreach shows kids like me there’s a world of possibilities and that’s been the biggest thing in my life. Now one of my life-long goals is to help other people in a positive way."
El Cajon Adventure Club,
Leadership Program Graduate,
Assistant Instructor
"The Leadership Program trained me to be the leader that I am today and transformed me into a confident person who is not afraid to try new things. I trust my friends in the Leadership Program, and now consider them to be a part of my family."
El Cajon Adventure Club,
Leadership Program Graduate,
Assistant Instructor
"Top-ranked schools receive thousands of applications from students with straight A’s, high test scores, and numerous positions in extracurricular clubs. The two most unique aspects about me were my background and my involvement with the Leadership Program. In fact, I’m pretty confident that without Outdoor Outreach, I wouldn’t have gotten into Stanford University or been selected as a Gates Millennial Scholar."
Crawford Adventure Club,
Leadership Program Graduate
"I've been called all sorts of things in my life: homeless, at-risk, underprivileged, troublemaker, loser. Now I'm called rock climber, surfer, snowboarder, and a role model."
First-ever Leadership Program Graduate,
Field Program Coordinator
"Outdoor Outreach took a group of us up to Big Bear for a 4-day snowboarding trip. That was my first time outside the big city and in the mountains. That was my first time ever seeing and feeling snow. That was my first time ever strapping into a snowboard. After that trip, there was something different about how I looked at my future."
Hoover Adventure Club,
Leadership Program Graduate
"I’m so much more confident in myself. I used to not like trying new things. If I wasn’t immediately good at it, or if it made me uncomfortable, I’d quit. That’s not the case for me anymore. In the beginning I wasn’t good at most of the activities I tried with Outdoor Outreach, but I kept trying. At first I was scared of rappelling – now it’s no big deal, and I love to help coach my peers down the rock wall when they’re feeling unsure at the top."
Lincoln Adventure Club,
Leadership Program Participant

Gender of program participants


Ethnicity of program participants

  • 39%
  • 10%
  • 9%
  • 4%
  • 23%
    Asian American/Pacific Islander
  • 15%

OO fact:

The majority of our program participants come from low-income communities, and have few opportunities to experience natural parks and open-space areas before joining our programs.

Our team

Our committed and passionate team drive Outdoor Outreach’s success.

Current job openings
The core staff


The field staff
Board of Directors
Ricky Schlesinger
Eagle Creek Travel Gear
Retired Executive Vice President
Chair, Board of Directors
David Gell
Olympus Sky
Chief Strategy Officer
Treasurer, Board of Directors
Sergio Langarica
Sony Electronics
Director of International Trade
Vice President
Stein Lundby
Lead Corporate Technology and R&D Strategist
Sandra Mueller
Rady Children's Hospital
Director of Social Services and Psychiatry Operations
Esther Northrup
Cox Communications
Executive Director, State Regulatory Affairs
Ted Reguly
San Diego Gas & Electric
Director, Major Projects
Brittany Russell
Port of San Diego
‎Funding Development Consultant
Steve Romeo
Executive Technologist
Julia Schooler
Children's Legal Services of San Diego
Juvenile Dependency Attorney
Advisory Board
Bruce Duncan Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
The ChildTrauma Academy
Founder/Senior Fellow
Janie DeCelles
Conservation Advocate and Community Leader
Shelby Stanger
Wild Ideas Worth Living
Creator and Host
(Board Member Emeritus)
Douglas Burke
Cognitive Medical Systems
President and Cofounder
(Board Member Emeritus)
Leticia Cazares, MPH
Cazares Coaching & Consulting Services
Organizational Development & Community Engagement Consultant
David Price
Corporate Innovation Director
Traci Verardo-Torres
TVT Consulting
Chris Rutgers
Transforming Youth Outdoors
Executive Director
(Founder, Outdoor Outreach)

Our Financials

The numbers below reflect Outdoor Outreach’s financial summary for 2018.


Fixed Assets$66,742
Other Current Assets$14,754
Total Assets$577,034
Liabilities & Net Assets
Net Assets$557,264
Current Liabilities$19,771
Total Liabilities & Net Assets$577,035


Board of Directors$16,333
Fee for Service$237,817
In-kind Donations$55,382
Net Assets Released From Restriction$83,680
Total Revenue*$1,761,605
  • Individual
  • Government
  • Foundation
  • Corporate
  • Church-Civic
  • Board of Directors
  • Fee for Service
  • In-kind Donations
  • Misc.
  • Net Assets Released From Restriction

*$73,425 temporarily restricted for 2019 program deliverables


Total Expenses$1,567,968
  • Programs
  • Operating