The Leadership Program provides opportunities for young adults ages 16 - 20 to explore the world around them, challenge themselves, gain work experience, and develop leadership skills.

This spring, you can join our 12-week training program. You'll have the opportunity to be involved in multiple outdoor activities, while gaining valuable work and leadership experience. Participants are eligible for up to a $1,000 job training stipend, and for potential job opportunities at Outdoor Outreach after completing the program.

*Please review all dates below to be sure they align with your schedule. If your availability no longer aligns with our program at any time, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer your space to waiting applicants.

Important Dates

Application Deadline

February 3, 2020

Program Start Date

March 10, 2020

Program End Date

May 30, 2020

Application Timeline
  • Leadership Program application opens

    January 6, 2020
  • Application closes

    February 3, 2020
  • Phone interviews begin

    February 4, 2020
  • Personal interviews begin

    February 7, 2020
  • Interviews close

    February 14, 2020
  • Application review period

    February 17 - February 21, 2020
  • Candidates are notified of

    February 24, 2020
  • Program schedule shared with participants

    February 28, 2020
  • Leadership Program starts

    March 10, 2020
  • Backpacking trip

    April 1 - 5, 2020
  • Overnight camping trips

    March 14 - 15 and May 23 - 25
  • Graduation day

    May 30, 2020



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Leadership Program?
The purpose is to give young adults job training through an indoor and outdoor based introductory internship on civic engagement experiences and leadership skills. Past graduates have used this experience to secure jobs in the outdoor industry and other employers, as well as to strengthen their candidacy for academic and work opportunities.

What does it mean to be a Leadership Participant?
It means that you are actively working towards learning and performing at a proficient level in our summer activities. Demonstrating sound Risk Management decisions while being held to the expectations of a professional in the outdoor education industry. This includes arriving to work on time, communicating in a timely and effective manner, respecting students and staff, modeling professionalism in the outdoors, attending trainings and meetings, and furthering the vision and mission of Outdoor Outreach.


Contact Chris at chris.santomero@outdooroutreach.org or (619) 238-5790 ext. 109