Why do we rock climb?

Why do we rock climb? For many outdoor enthusiasts, ascending rocks is about overcoming fears; it’s about being humble and persistent, about finding joy and freedom in the quietness and beauty of raw nature. As we climb our way up a mountain, feeling the abyss below, we make a conscious effort to maintain an unwavering concentration. Through climbing, we learn to trust our hands and feet and head, our ability and self-control. In that moment, when we become perfectly in tune with the movements of our body, when we let go of doubts and surrender to a feeling of trust, the blissful quality of conquering a summit becomes clear.

The accumulated clutter and chatter of our everyday lives are temporarily forgotten.

It is that joy that Outdoor Outreach strives to share with the underserved communities of San Diego.  Everyday, our program participants get to play, learn, serve and share, and experience the transformative power of the Outdoors.

A special thank you to Mesa Rim for their continuous support of our programs, and for being a sponsor to our upcoming Lead the Way event on September 8. If you haven’t registered already, click here.

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