There is a maximum of 12 participants per group, for the day. The small group size helps campers develop meaningful connections and a sense of belonging that stay with them long after the day ends.
Transportation is provided via bus from a central dropoff/pickup location. Participants will need to be dropped off at the dropoff/pickup location specified for their outing. Participants will then be transported by bus to the activity location. On the bus, we practice physical distancing and wear masks. If transportation to the dropoff/pickup location by parent/guardian or partner organization is not possible, please contact Outdoor Outreach for alternatives.
Registration will initially be open for only one day per participant over the course of the Fall. If your child is interested in attending more than one day, please inform Outdoor Outreach so we can add your contact information to future opportunities.
For all paddlesport activities like kayaking or SUP, participants will wear Personal Flotation Devices (life jackets) at all times. When we surf, campers will always be in water no more than chest deep, and will be able to use their surfboard as a flotation device. Like all of our programs, water sport activities are managed by experienced instructors who are there to help participants feel safe in the water, regardless of their swimming ability.
At this time, Outdoor Outreach is able to accommodate special needs youth on a case by case basis. Please contact our team to check in with us so we can be certain we are able to provide appropriate accommodations and supervision for a youth with special needs. Here is a link to an online resource to Special Needs camps local to San Diego.
No, Outdoor Outreach is not affiliated with any religious groups. We are a San Diego Non Profit 501(c)(3) where diversity and inclusion are inherent in all we do. We invite and welcome youth from all cultures and beliefs to join our programs.
Registration is open until filled, or until 3 days prior to the first day of the session. If it is within 3 days of the start of a session, and you’re interested in potential openings, please email outandaboutsandiego@outdooroutreach.org.
We search far and wide for diverse instructors who help every young person feel included, valued and appreciated. Each staff member is at least CPR and first-aid certified, as well as background-checked. While on land, our instructor to participant ratio is at least 1 to 6. In the water, that ratio is just 1 to 3.
As you register for a day program, you will find a waiver and medical information form. On that form you will have the ability to list dietary restrictions, as well as any other medical and health needs. Our team thoroughly reviews those forms to ensure each participant’s needs are being met
We are adventurous, but we are never reckless. Everything we do is rooted in best practices for risk management, from our program design to our instructor training. Safety is our greatest concern, and our activities and instructors meet and exceed industry standards for safety

We are passionate about making our organization -- and the outdoors as a whole -- a welcoming and inclusive place, and we know our ability to achieve that begins with engaging and partnering with people from all walks of life. Both in values and in practice, we have a commitment to:

  • Striving to ensure relevancy by supporting and being present in the community;
  • Actively creating an environment where we can celebrate the backgrounds, perspectives, and beliefs makes us unique, and appreciate the differences of others
  • Intentionally building a culture that is flexible, values diverse ideas, and embraces the meaningful participation of all.
We believe that with each chance to surf, bike, hike or kayak, we’re also giving youth a reason and opportunity to care about nature. Leave No Trace helps reinforce our mission, reminding us to respect the places where we play so future generations can enjoy those places, too. We lead by example, teaching youth to respect themselves, others, and the environment by demonstrating that same respect in our words and actions. We embrace the core principles of Leave No Trace on every program we provide, and allowing each young person to discover how those principles can be applied to the world around them.
Outdoor Outreach provides everything participants need for a day in the great outdoors. That includes equipment like bicycles, paddle boards, life jackets and wetsuits. But it also includes things like sunscreen, hats, water bottles and even bathing suits if needed. Prior to the start of camp, you’ll receive a packet with information about what your child should wear each day. Each camper should show up ready for an adventure, and we’ll provide the rest!
We strongly encourage our campers to disconnect from technology and to connect to nature and the surrounding environment. We encourage our participants to turn off their electronic devices and leave their devices stowed away for the duration of the trip, keeping in mind the need to have devices available to communicate with guardians or family members at the end of a trip for pick up. We invite you to help us create a culture of awareness and connectedness by limiting communication with your participant while they are on a trip.
Your sign up and payment holds your camper’s spot in a particular session. To complete the registration process, please fill out the Participant General Information Form at your earliest convenience.
Our motto is “Challenge by Choice.” We encourage all campers to try each activity at least once, but understand that each child’s boundaries are different. We find that when campers challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zone, they come away with a new view of who they are and what they’re capable of. Our staff believe in each child’s potential, and are there to help them push themselves to overcome their fears.