20 Years. 20 Stories. | No. 8 with KJ Brussow Osada

Stories from the early days with KJ Brussow Osada

Having grown up in the mountains, KJ understands the value of the outdoors…

She met Chris Rutgers years ago and got a job as Outdoor Outreach’s Field Program and Volunteer Manager. Working with Outdoor Outreach was an amazing experience for KJ, and  “every time she thinks about Outdoor Outreach it provides a sense of purpose, pride and love.”

Her time with OO was filled with multitudes of moments she holds dear to her heart.

“Everyday was a learning experience and affected [me] emotionally. My biggest challenge was being humbled everyday working with participants. Listening to the kids, their stories and outlooks on life, gave me new perspectives on my own life.”

“Letting them set the pace and being there to help if they need it empowered them to achieve their own personal success in the activity.”

KJ emphasizes the little victories that make everything worthwhile. Whether that means a participant making a new friend, a coworker sharing a success in a weekly report, or seeing someone graduate high school, she holds holds these moments dear to her heart. 

“OO brings out the best in everyone involved and I was inspired every day by the vulnerability, tenacity, and successes I witnessed from everyone involved.”

Outdoor Outreach is a San Diego-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides adventure-based youth development programs serving 1,700 vulnerable and at-risk youth each year. Through those programs, we’re helping youth build resilience in the face of challenges, and confidence in their power to make a difference.


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