3 Reasons to Vote for Prop 68

California’s primary elections are coming up on June 5th. While there are many pieces of legislation that require your attention, Outdoor Outreach is endorsing one in particular – Prop 68.

As described on the propositions’ website, “Prop 68, the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act, is a general obligation bond that invests $4 billion in the coming years to address some of California’s most important water, park, and natural resource needs.” This will allow for the state of California to focus on replenishing and restoring the losses of these resources that have been long suffering. Without this, California residents will likely see more droughts in the near future, decrease in park access, and downfall of the state’s iconic natural beauty. Prop 68 ensures that all California residents have access to clean water, safe parks and natural areas for future generations to come.


  1. Clean water

Not only will voting yes ensure that California residents have access to clean drinking water, it also means that toxic pollutants will be kept out of our water supplies, like nearby rivers, lakes and streams. The majority of our programs at Outdoor Outreach take place in or around water; whether we’re taking youth surfing or kayaking, we are utilizing our local environment to show them that these places are being preserved for the enjoyment of all.

  1. Safe and accessible parks

Voting yes will continue to keep our parks safe, accessible, and create new recreational opportunities for underserved communities. Most, if not all, of our programs are held in local or state parks. Keeping our parks readily available for the youth we serve maintains a certain sense of belonging and empowerment. We must move towards a brighter future for our youth so they have even more options for outdoor exposure than they do now.

  1. Protecting natural resources

The state of California is an immensely diverse place. From beaches to mountains and deserts just hours away, it is crucial that we vote yes to protect and rehabilitate California’s awe-inspiring views. If these natural resources are left unattended and neglected, future generations might not have the opportunity to experience these sacred places for themselves.  

The work we do here at Outdoor Outreach is greatly impacted by Prop 68. As an organization, we strive to use the outdoors to empower resilient youth for healthier communities. All of our trips revolve around these parks and natural resources! Whether it’s kayaking in Tidelands Park or hiking in Mission Trails Regional Park; now, more than ever, we see just how much this can affect the communities we work together with. The risk factors within these communities manifest through falling graduation rates, rising gang violence, and mental health issues dismissed – it cannot continue.


In order to bring about change, we must become leaders within our own communities, and we have that chance this Tuesday, June 5th.  We can use our voices in our communities in many different ways: signing petitions, peaceful protesting, and going out to VOTE. Voting ensures that we are doing what we can to have our opinions sway public decision. We are all a part of a greater whole and voting is taking part in being a functioning member of society.

Take initiative to look further into legislative pieces that will directly affect your immediate environment, like Prop 68. Here are some helpful tools to get started:

Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Check here: https://voterstatus.sos.ca.gov/

Want to learn more about Prop 68? Look here: https://yes68ca.com/

Curious about other statewide ballot measures? http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ballot-measures/qualified-ballot-measures/

Familiarizing ourselves with a process that has the potential to change lives is one of the most beneficial things we can be a part of. Let’s come together June 5th and vote YES on 68!

Angelique Morales is the Social Media Marketing Intern in the Development department of Outdoor Outreach. When not at Outdoor Outreach, you can find Angelique meditating at a yoga studio, sun bathing at a beach or exploring nearby national parks.

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