7 essentials every San Diegan needs for summer

Summer should be spent outside. But packing for a day in the sun, sand or surf isn’t always a day at the beach.

To help us gear up for summer, we asked Outdoor Outreach staff: What are the warm-weather essentials you won’t leave home without?

Yoga Pants
Stephanie, Outdoor Outreach’s Program Operations Coordinator, is a fan of yoga pants year-round. But in the summer, her yoga pants have come in especially handy for an impromptu surf or swim when she doesn’t have a wetsuit. Stephanie’s favorite yoga pants are Pillar Capris from PrAna. Steph says, grab a pair and throw them in your car or daypack today!

Matt, Outdoor Outreach’s Youth Programs Manager, always has a wetsuit with him, even in the summer. While the Pacific is getting warmer every day, temperatures can still hover around 68 degrees on an average, late-summer day. Matt recommends a spring suit that is 2mm thick for those warmer summer days.

Sam, Outdoor Outreach’s Program Logistics Coordinator, never forgets to pack a hammock on summer days. Sam loves his Eno SingleNest, which he pairs with a slackline or a game of Spikeball. Play, relax, repeat!

Molly, Outdoor Outreach’s Finance and Administrative Director, recommends bringing along a HydroBak by CamelBak on any summer outing. Molly says, “It is a great lightweight option to keep me hydrated and helps carry sunscreen, keys and other small necessities.”

Snorkel Gear
Outdoor Outreach’s Executive Director, Ben, is never without a mask, goggles and snorkel in the summer. A snorkel set is relatively inexpensive to buy or can be rented from outfitters like Everyday California from $20/day. Says Ben, “The underwater world never disappoints!” His favorite spot to snorkel? South La Jolla State Marine Reserve.

Swim Fins
Matt says swim fins are his go-to piece of gear for the summer. “Keep them in your car and make any pit stop at water a splash.” His favorite places to hop in the water? Ocean Beach and Sunset Cliffs.

Summer Snacks
Our staff’s favorite fuel for their summer adventures? Tiger’s Milk bars, trail mix, carrots dipped in peanut butter, Cheez-Its, oranges, apples, and CLIF Builder’s Protein bars in chocolate mint. Need something a little heartier for your day trip? Steph loves filling a large tortilla with cheese, tomato, carrots, cucumbers, hot sauce and hummus.

As we gear up for summer, we also know that for many San Diego kids, the reality is very different. Have you seen this video about Ariel? Now through June 30th, your tax-deductible gift will allow a teen like Ariel to surf, SUP, kayak, hike and snorkel this summer. With each new experience in the outdoors, you’re opening a world of possibilities for a kid who doesn’t see a lot of options for herself and her future. Act now, and TRIPLE YOUR IMPACT! For a limited every $1 you give becomes $3, thanks to two generous matching donors. Visit donate.outdooroutreach.org/summer2018.

Morgan Willis is the Marketing and Communications Intern in the Development Department of Outdoor Outreach. He is currently pursuing his degree in Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University.

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