The Lincoln Adventure Club Plays, Learns, Serves, and Shares

Outdoor Outreach’s vision is that youth everywhere will be inspired by the outdoors to play, learn, serve, and share. These four pillars lay the foundation for our outdoor recreation, environmental education, stewardship, and advocacy programs.

The impact of our youth development programs is best described by the individual participants we work with each day. We asked the Lincoln Adventure Club to share their favorite moments with Outdoor Outreach:


“My favorite trip was the Joshua Tree camping. It was fun to sit around the campfire just having fun and being ourselves.” – Leslie Lopez

“I have a lot of favorite memories with Outdoor Outreach. The trip that has made the biggest impact on me was outdoor rock climbing at Mission Trails. I have always been afraid of heights but the instructors and club members kept encouraging me and I was able to conquer my fears. I was really proud of myself.” – Nayeli Meta


“Adventure Club has shown me the natural beauty of the outdoors. Now I see the value of nature and its impact on our daily life.”-Darnell Bobo

“I have learned that there are always new things to experience in the outdoors and there are always people in Adventure Club who can make those experiences memorable.”- Andi Santos


“Adventure Club taught me the importance of caring for the earth. Now I pick up paper I see outside and pay more attention to where I throw all of my trash away. I love getting to spend time outdoors, and want to help protect our parks so everyone can enjoy them.” – Emily Gonzalez

“I have been participating in the Tijuana Estuary Action Month since tenth grade and I have great memories from each year. It feels great to be able to help clean up the environment.” – Andi Santos


“The outdoors are so much fun. I think everyone should spend more time exploring the outdoors with their families. I love showing my family all the interesting places we visit with Adventure Club” – Matt Neisler

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