Outdoor Voices: Vincent Shares His Story

What does exploration mean to you? For Vincent, the answer is simple: Find something you love, and Never Stop.

Vincent’s journey to become an outdoor educator was not an easy one. Months after moving to San Diego, ten-year-old Vincent’s family found themselves homeless.  Then, he found Outdoor Outreach, and with it, people who helped him realize that more was possible — starting with standing up on that surfboard, or topping out on a climb.

Now an Outdoor Outreach Leadership program graduate and assistant field staff instructor, Vincent finds joy not only in the outdoors, but also in helping other young people like himself realize possibility and opportunity in their lives through the transformative power of the outdoors.

Recently, The North Face shared Vincent’s story on their blog. In it, Vincent explains why he will Never Stop Smiling:

“For me, those are the moments I live for: giving my peers a glimpse of the possibility and opportunity that waits for them outside, and spreading that infectious love of the outdoors. Giving young people the opportunity to experience surfing or rock climbing is impactful all on its own, but sharing in those experiences with others is what keeps you coming back.

… As a generation, we have let a lot of our laughter and happiness be confined to emojis and exclamation points. Happiness, for me, is helping young people get off their phones and onto a surfboard, snowboard or rock wall to be able to see — first-hand — the pure joy that waits for them outside.”

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