Outdoor Outreach Summer Podcast with Mike Hervey

This summer, we’ll explore the stories of Outdoor Outreach staff, volunteers and participants. They’ll share the experiences that inspired them, talk about how they overcame adversity and recount their great outdoor adventures.

On this episode, our guest is Mike Hervey. His most recent adventure was thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail, a journey over three thousand miles long that less than 100 people completed last year.

Mike is an adventurer, endurance runner, and assistant instructor at Outdoor Outreach. He ran his first endurance race at 16, and had to lie about his age. His only question at the end was “are there races that are longer?”

Listen to this podcast if:
1. You’ve ever wanted to hike the PCT or CDT.
2. You’ve wanted to use your next adventure to crowdfund for a great cause.
3. You’re interested in the outdoors.

Interested in Mike’s time on the CDT? Check out our blog post for an extended interview: 

Mike Hervey: Hiking the Continental Divide Trail

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